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***Registrations for Fall open at end of Spring Session (beginning of June), Registrations for Spring open at end of Fall Session (beginning of November)! Registrations for Fall close at beginning of August, Registrations for Spring close at beginning of March!***

For the beginner player, looking to have fun, meet new friends and develop their skills to play competitive soccer.

NOTE: All Age Divisions CLOSE when teams are Full! Divisions (ages and gender) are subject to change according to amount of registrations in Age Divisions!

U5s - Tornadoes ages 3-5yr olds

U6-U7s - Cyclones ages 5-7yr olds

U8s - Hurricanes age 7-8yr olds

U9s-U10s - Hurricanes ages 8-10yr olds

U11-U12s - Hurricanes ages 10-12yr olds

U13+ - Hurricanes ages 12+yr olds

U8s - U9s MUST play Hurricane Rec, in order to be eligible for Hurricane Select!

U10s-U12s can choose an option to play in the Rec/Select program (highly recommended) or choose Select ONLY at the same cost!

NOTE: The Rec fees are included in the Select fee USE SELECT REGISTRATION if you are registering your athlete for Rec/Select program.


Practice Schedules are left up to the Volunteer Coaches. Athletes U6-U12 may attend Academy Practice as an extra practice or make up practice if a conflict arises with team practice. NO Practices for U13+ Rec!

Fall - Saturday Game Dates will be: Sep 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, Oct 7th, 14th and 28th. No Games scheduled over NWAC School's October Break (Oct 21st). Tornadoes (U5s) last games on Oct 14th.


Registration for Hurricane Rec Soccer for F2023 will OPEN at $45 for Tornadoes (5Us) and $65 for Cyclones - Hurricanes (6U-12U) during Early Registration offered until April 18th (this is ONLY for Hurricanes already registered in S2023 Session), then Regular Registration at $45 for Tornadoes (5Us) and $80 for Cyclones - Hurricanes (6U-12U) will open for the rest of the public from June 10th - July 15th. Finally, LATE Registration will be $65 for U5-Tornadoes, and U6 and up will be $100 from July 16th - Aug 5th!

***NOTE: Registration Fee does NOT include Uniform fee (order separately through and shipped to your home address, estimate around $70+, if your athlete is new to Hurricane Soccer or needs new uniform kit!***



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