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Our program is built on sportsmanship. Our Rec & Select volunteer coaches undergo coach's training, complete with Concussion Protocols, to help maximize player safety, and to encourage a fun, safe environment for our players to learn the game of soccer.

We teach athletes the basic technical and cognitive skills of the game, all games are small sided that promotes more touches and gives them more playing time, with less athletes on the field. Our Hurricanes learn from our coaches and discover on their own how to be more confident on and off the field! We hope you will join us!

US Youth Soccer - Age Group Matrix -by Birth Year

**UPDATED 21Sep** Registration for Hurricane Rec Soccer Ages 4-18yrs old

For the beginner player, looking to have fun, meet new friends and develop their skills to play competitive soccer.

Spring - Saturday Game Dates will be: Apr 13th, 20th, 27th, May 4th, 11th, 18th and Jun 1st. No Games scheduled over Memorial Day Weekend (May 25th). Tornadoes (U5s) last games on May 18th.

NOTE: All Age Divisions CLOSE when teams are Full, which could be before Mar 2nd! Divisions (ages and gender) are subject to change according to amount of registrations in Age Divisions!

U5s - Tornadoes ages 3-4yr olds (Birth years 2019-2020, we ask parent of Birth year of 2021 to help coach)

U6-U7s - Cyclones ages 5-7yr olds (2017-2018)

U8s - Hurricanes age 6-8yr olds (2016)

U9s-U10s - Hurricanes ages 8-10yr olds (2014-2015)

U11-U12s - Hurricanes ages 10-12yr olds (2012-2013)

U13+ - Middle School & High School COMBINED - Hurricanes ages 12-18yr olds **FRIDAYS ONLY**

U8s - U9s MUST play Hurricane Rec, in order to be eligible for Hurricane Select!

U10s-U12s can choose an option to play in the Rec/Select program (highly recommended) or choose Select ONLY at the same cost (Select ONLY does NOT include Rec, nor Futsal)!

NOTE: The Rec fees are included in the Select fee USE SELECT REGISTRATION BELOW if you are registering your athlete for Rec/Select or Select ONLY program.


Practice Schedules are left up to the Volunteer Coaches. Athletes U6-U15s (Rec, Select & Travel) may attend Academy Practice as an extra practice or make up practice if a conflict arises with team practice.


Registration for Hurricane Rec Soccer for S2024 will OPEN at $45 for Tornadoes (5Us) and $65 for Cyclones - Hurricanes (6U-12U) during Early Registration offered until Nov 4th (this is ONLY for Hurricanes already registered in F2023 Session), then Regular Registration at $45 for Tornadoes (5Us) and $80 for Cyclones - Hurricanes (6U-12U) will open for the rest of the public from Nov 5th - Jan 27th. Finally, LATE Registration will be $65 for U5-Tornadoes, and U6 and up will be $100 from Jan 28th - Mar 2nd, REGISTRATION CLOSES MAR 2nd at 11:59pm!

***NOTE: Registration Fee does NOT include Uniform fee (order separately through and shipped to your home address, estimate around $70+, if your athlete is new to Hurricane Soccer or needs new uniform kit!***



***UPDATED Sep 21st*** Registration for Hurricane Select Ages 7 - 18yrs old

For the players that is looking to play more soccer and test their skills against other local area competition. U8-U9s Select Players will play on a House Rec team and a Select team, Rec fee is included in Select Registration fee. However, if you want your athlete to play Select ONLY your Select fee will not be reduced by subtracting Rec (nor will they be added to a Rec team).

Registration Fees:

Early Registration for those currently registered in Fall 2023 Select receive $15 discount for Returning EARLY!

Rec/Select for U8-U12: $200

Select ONLY for U10-U12: $200

Select ONLY for U14-High School: $115

**Early Registration is ONLY open to those registered in F2023 season and opens from Sep 21st through Nov 4th, at $185. Then, Regular Registration for Spring 2024 opens to rest of the Public at $200, from Nov 5th - Jan 27th!! Consequently, LATE Registration begins Jan 28th - Mar 2nd at $220.

North East Select Soccer League, S2024 is from Middle of April through beginning of June. There will be no games on Memorial Day weekend (May 25th), unless there is a need for MAKE-UP for canceled game(s)!


NOTE: Registration fee does NOT include Uniform kits fee! Order uniforms separately through Hurricane Store at and uniforms are shipped to your home address, estimate around $70+ if your athlete is new to Hurricane Soccer or needs new uniforms!

CAUTION: If Select Teams are Full before or during LATE Registrations, Age Divisions will CLOSE! Mark your calendars to register for Select no later than Jan 27th!

Register to be a Hurricane Coach or Manager

Our Rec/Select Coaches are all Volunteers! We do our best to take care of our coaches, so they can take care of your athletes! Coaches do receive for the Season, a Coach's Bag, upon fulfillment of their commitment they will receive a refund to their athlete's registration fee.

NOTE: After registering to Coach or Manage a team, go to and log into the account you created by registering, you will need to complete the Background Check, the required Heads Up and Safe Sport Courses. After everything is complete and your session is fulfilled we will send you a refund to you athlete(s) registration fee that you coached.

NOTE: COACHING is a first come, first serve basis, if we have enough coaches per age division before you have completed all your required courses then you will not be able to coach or receive a voucher to register your athletes.

***UPDATED Sep 21st*** Click the button to Register as "Missed Tryouts" for more information on Hurricane Travel Soccer U9 -U19s

Hurricane Travel Soccer, for U8 - U19s in the Indiana Soccer League (ISL).

NOTE: ISL only allow 4 - U8s to move up to U10s teams (4v4 to 7v7 formation players), then only 4 - U10s to move up to the U11-U12 teams (7v7 to 9v9 formation players). Also, they only allow 4 - U12s to move up to U13+ teams (9v9 to 11v11 formation players).

For U8-U10s contracted for the year registration is $600, for U11s-U15s contracted for the year registration is $1,000 - for our 2024 Travel Season (Fall 2023 - Spring 2024). Or $750 for High School athlete's (Nov - Jun) and $750 for U9 or U10 athletes (Fall 2023 -Spring 2024). If you're joining a team after Fall session, subtract $250!


Our Travel program's Coaches have over 50 years for combined experience! They are committed to your athlete's development, we ask you to commit your time to them and their team!

Consequently, our Travel program is still significantly lower than other Clubs in our area! Our travel program includes professionally/paid coaches, Fall ISL games/practices, 2 Fall Tournaments, Spring games/practices and 2 Spring Tournaments.

All teams have athletes that are Practice Players for $600 year contract - includes everything above except they will practice with Travel teams, be offered fill-in positions for players that will be missing games or for players that are on probation for missing practices, games or tournaments without valid excusal, that don't give advance notice (or valid excuse), they will train with Travel teams get a chance to go with teams to tournaments!

NOTE: Registration fee does NOT include the Adidas Travel Training/Uniform Kit through, this cost estimates between $250 - $450 for the first year of purchasing Kit or NEW to Hurricanes, then $180 each year after. Hurricanes can purchase Gift Certificates for athletes that want to combine registration fee for monthly payments. Contact us for more information,

***Financial Aid is case by case and can be requested at anytime (before registration or if any issues come up during the season)! We are a Non-for-profit, Charity 501(c)(3) organization and finances should not be the reason your athlete doesn't play!!***