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How do I know when my player's playoff game is and what uniform to wear?

--On the Schedule (link above), go to your player's Age Division, at the top are team ranking from the Regular season games. That number (Ranking) is associated to the Playoff Schedule at the bottom. Therefore, in the example screenshots below, H08 is in the #4 spot, in the playoff schedule they are in the Playin B bracket that plays on Field 5 at 8:30. They play against H11 in the #5 spot. Since H08 is on top of that bracket they are the Home team that wears red uniform, H11 is the Away team that wears blue uniform. Players should bring both uniforms incase they move on to next bracket. Using the same example, if H11 wins their 1st game, they play H09 at 9:30 on Field 5, but will need to switch to their red uniform.

Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place; how do I determine if my player should receive a trophy after his game?

--1st place and 2nd place is determined by the winner of the Championship game. 3rd place is determined like the regular season ranking placements into playoff brackets; 3pts for a win, 1pt for a tie and up to 5pts for Goals For (GF), if after those calculation determined a tie, then the tiebreaker is the team's Goal Differential (GD = Goals For - Goals Against). 3rd place in the playoffs are determined by the least GD. In example, if in the Team A vs Team C bracket and Team A moves on with a score 2-1, then in the Team B vs Team D bracket and Team B moves on with a score 3-1 then Team C has a GD=1 and Team D has a GD=2, therefore Team C will receive the 3rd place Trophies.

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