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U10Bs-Hurricane Frank

U10 Boys - Hurricane Frank

(Fall 2023)
U10Gs-Hurricane Grace

U10 Girls - Hurricane Grace

(Fall 2023)
U11Bs Hurricane Felix - S2023

U11 Boys - Hurricane Felix

U12Gs Hurricane Elsa

U12 Girls - Hurricane Elsa

U12Gs Hurricane Elsa S2023

U12 Girls - Hurricane Elsa

U13Bs Hurricane Bailey - S2023

U13 Boys - Hurricane Bailey

U13Gs Hurricane Eco

U13 Girls - Hurricane Eco

U14G Hurricane Eco - S2023

U14 Girls - Hurricane Eco

U14Gs Hurricane Charlie - S2021

U14 Girls - Hurricane Charlie

U15s Hurricane Charlie - S2022

U15 Girls - Hurricane Charlie

U16s Hurricane Ace - S2021

U16 Boys - Hurricane Ace

Hurricane Alley

S2022 - Jr Irish Memorial Invitational - Hurricane Alley

Registration for Hurricane Travel Soccer TRYOUTS/EVALUATIONS

Hurricanes offer Indiana Soccer League (ISL) Travel Soccer. For 8 - 18 yr olds, our Registration fees are "At-Cost", which is the lowest ISL Travel fee in the area!

Fall - Spring Travel Soccer registration fee is $600 for U10s, and U11-U15 is $1,000 for the Year Contract!

High School athlete's registration payments start in July, but athletes start training in October, their registration fee is $750 from Oct-June.

Travel registration includes ISL Games, 2x per week Practices, Tournaments Fall & Spring.

**Does NOT include Adidas Game Uniforms & Training Kits from, with Goalie kits these are in upwards of $450/kit for the first year, then $150/kit thereafter, depending on current National Supply Chain issues orders can take 8-12 weeks with standard shipping!


**We do not offer "Seasonal" registration for Elementary / Middle School athletes! However, our High School athletes that miss out the Fall ISL due to IHSAA Rules, registration fee is $750.

TRYOUTS for the Season of Fall - Spring 2024

LOCATION: Pathway Community Church property at 1010 Carroll Road!

AGES: 8 - 18 year old

Genders: Boys and Girls

Projection of Teams for Fall 2023 Age Divisions:

- U10 Boys & U10 Girls

- U14 Girls

Projection of Teams for Spring 2024 Age Divisions:

-U10 Boys, U10 Girls, U12 Boys, U14 Girls, & U17 Girls

Tryout Location:

Pathway Community Church (1010 Carroll Road)

**Evaluations will place athletes on competitive teams for athletes development, if parents/athletes are not ready for ISL Travel competition they will be recommended to our Select Program!

**Our teams are limited space and after being invited to a team and if you do not respond or register (at the minimum fee) within the 3 days of receiving the invitation, we will move on to the next athlete!

**Travel athletes will be contracted with Hurricane Soccer for the year upon registering for a team NOT for Tryouts!

Travel League details:

  • Approximately 6-8 games with 4 home games at Pathway Community Church property.

  • 1st Division Teams may Travel over 2.15 hours for away Games

  • 2nd to 4th Division Teams will Travel at the maximum of 2.15 hours away Games.

  • 2nd to 4th Division Teams that our opponent's Club is over the 2.15 hours away then a Neutral Location will be determined for teams to play their Home/Away games at that Neutral Location.

  • 2 team practices per week plus our Academy Technical training practice at Pathway Community Church

  • 2 Tournaments in the Fall & 2 Tournaments in the Spring

Yearly: U10s=$750, U11-U15s (Elementary-Middle School) $1,000/year

High School Athletes: October -Spring, 15U+ is $750

Practice Player: Practices with the Travel team for that Season, but no guarantee invite to games or playing time = $200

If parents/athletes want to do extra training through winter, or tournaments, this price is an extra out of pocket costs. Also, our athletes may play with their friends in our Rec program registration at the Rec registration cost.

The price does not include the Adidas Uniform Kit Package from (+/- $450, for first year, $150 thereafter).

The uniform kit package includes 2 game jerseys, 1 pair of game shorts, 2 pairs of socks, 2 training t-shirts, reversible training bib, warm-ups, & backpack (see picture below).

Travel Gear